Sunday, 6 February 2011

Whitehouse side axe

New handle for a rusty axe

A client asked me to re-handle this axe so he could sell it on. It came very rusty, but luckily only newish surface rust and not the decades old deep rust. It went into my electrolysis barrel. By passing a small electric current from a battery charger through the rusty tool the rust is lifted off.

The axe is a C Whitehouse and Sons 3lb side axe, now weighing in at 2.5lb. The handle was made from a seasoned log of ash which has a bend in. The log was split and axed into shape.

You can just see the compression figure in the grain of the wood just above the eye. The wooden block with the black markings on is a measure in inches and centimetres. Please note: I have not sharpened the axe, I have just ground it down ready for the final sharpening and honing.

Below is the axe in use to show that there is plenty of room for the hand. The last thing you want is to graze your knuckles when swinging a heavy axe

This is a lovely side axe, one which I would like to use. The weight is just right for me, but alas I am already regretting not buying the head for £40 when my client offered to sell it to me.