Friday, 17 June 2011

APT Devon meet at Escot House

The local group of the Association of pole lathe turners and green woodworkers met up at the Anglo Saxon village at Escot House as guests of Alan Bruford and Richard Devaney. The local group organiser is Tony Vokes.

Around the fire
Dan got straight into hewing a large oak log. Alan has a fair collection of GB axes and it was good to give them a try.
One of the Anglo Saxon houses
A House being built
Richard with one of his carved spoons, I was particularly taken with this hare spoon
Above and below is Richards bowl lathe, in a hut of its own
Another carving  from Richard

We met some great people, and both Dan and I would have been quite happy to have stayed for the next 30 years or so, living and working in these small houses. I really love Richards fox and liked the way he painted it as well. Richard also showed me some of his turned pots with lids. I managed to turn my first one at a show the other day. I have a feeling I will be turning quite a few lidded bowls in the future.

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