Saturday 20 August 2011

Tool tips

A simple tool tip.
This is great if you do not have much space in your workshop. I have a large workshop but do not have room for everything to be out all the time.
My bench grinder is screwed to a plank of wood so that it can be stored and moved around easily. The plank can be G clamped to any table and bench.

I have engineers vices that are not used all the time and I also want to take them away from the workshop, eg when running workshops. The vice is screwed onto a plank of wood and again this can be G clamped onto any surface.
Depending on what you are doing with the vice you may not even have to clamp it to the table.

Monday 15 August 2011

Larmer tree

I had a weekend at Lamer Tree Festival, courtesy  of Lucy who was performing her poetry there. We had a very enjoyable time.
The Lostwood stage
Lights set up in a yew tree next to the Lostwood stage
I met Mace again who will be helping to organise the Bodgers Ball next year, in Devon. At last a Ball that I do not have to drive for hours to get to.

One of the finest eateries there, was a African Arabic food stall. They served cakes up on these lovely wooden disposable plates, made from a softwood veneer about 0.5mm thick. Great to see more people using wooden cutlery these days. I do like the simple but very effective design of the bowls, made from a rectangular sheet of veneer with 4 spots of glue to hold it together.

Got me thinking: disposable, even of the more sustainable utensils, is something to be avoided. It really is criminal that after 5 to 25 minutes use, that these are then just landfill. We should have to bring our own eating utensils. All vending stalls as a matter of  course should encourage the serving of  food and drink onto the customers own plates, bowls and cups. Or you could purchase a bowl, spoon or mug from a local green woodworker - you can usually find at least one at such events.