Tools for sale

I sell the Mora range of knives. Other tools such as chisels and drawknives will be posted for sale when available.
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Paddle strops

Round strop £9
Round strop and compound £13
Postage £3.50 UK 

Flat strop £18
Flat strop, compound and scraper £22
Flat strop, compound, scraper, and round strop £30
Postage £4.50 UK

NEW  Strop and slip set.

The complete solution.
Consists of:-
 Flat strop.
 Round leather strop for hook tools.
 Pink polishing compound for the strops, about 150grams.
 4 flat and 4 round slips for hook tools. 1 of each 240, 320, 600, and 1000 grit silicon carbide paper.
Stropping leaflet, how to use and maintain the strop and slip set.

£45 plus postage £4.50

I use these strops and slips daily, to sharpen my tools. This video shows how to sharpen a Mora hook knife using these slips and strops.

Stropping Compounds

Standard size is about 150 grams which is bigger than the flexcut and other bars that are sold for £7 plus postage.

Next size up is 300grams and then a 600gram bar. This compound will give you a high gloss finish to your edges and is about as fine as they come. I have been using this for some time and it gives excellent results.

150grms £4
300 grms £7
600grms £10
postage £3 on all sizes


Hand sander

Hand sander with 5 belts of 60 - 150 grit.