Sunday 8 January 2012

Making a ladle from a forked branch, a video

Some of you have asked me for more information on making a ladle, so here goes.


  1. Nice ax work! It validated some of the techniques I use and taught me a couple of new ones. I really liked the adze you made from a gouge. Going to have to start haunting the used tool sales for a likely candidate. I like your teaching technique, and the production values were really good. A new telly star is born!


  2. nice video Sean. have you ever considered heating and bending the blade a bit into a radius of some type, for your homemade adze?

  3. Thanks for you comments Mack.
    Jarrod, On a small adze like this and for what I use it for it is not necessary to put a bend in the gouge. It really has not occurred to me as it always worked fine. Mind you the bevel is convex and also a bit more obtuse than I would use for a gouge. The thing I really like is that is so light, a bit like some of the African style adzes I have.

  4. Great video, thanks for showing us.

  5. Beautiful work, Sean, and superb video. Thank you.
    Do you apply anything to a finished ladle to seal the wood, or is that not necessary?

  6. Sometimes, I find it best to oil spoons if I am selling them so they keep clean. On the whole I do not oil spoons when I use them myself. It is a gut instinct that our ancestors would not have oiled them. I am sure wood was just used in its unfinished state. I am talking about treen that was used everyday not special items.


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