Tuesday 13 March 2012

A new fanbird design

Duck, taking off from the water.


  1. I also have a comment here from nitrousair
    which for some strange reason is not showing up here asking whether I use green wood or if dry ash works as well.
    Green wood is best. I have been known to boil up kiln dried ash and soak that for a week before using.
    This bird is from a 3x10x36 inch pine being sold cheap at the wood merchants. Very close grain. Again I prefer to boil before use. I find pines and firs a bit brittle, I love ash because even with a few fibres in the hinge it is so strong.

  2. Great! Could be landing in the water too I think. An excellent extension to your range.

  3. i love that duck Sean, i have to say you had inspired me (and many others i am sure) to carve fan birds, i have found it quite addictive. whilst us mortals can make acceptable birds i think you keep raising the bar to ensure yours remain insprational rather than easily copied!


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