Monday 11 November 2013

100% eco friendly plates

Sikkim is a beautiful place, it is not perfect but they have policies in place that put some western countries to shame. No public smoking, and 6 months in prison if you use plastic bags. In Mangan we where given a type of donut on the ultimate in sustainable plates.
I saw these plates in other parts of India as well as Sikkim, I also saw a lot of street food being served on fresh leaves. Being tropical, and sub tropical, plants grown so fast and in such abundance.

The plates are held together with a few thorns, they may not be, but that is what I thought they were. They are also made in huge quantities. I did a post on some wooden disposable plate a long time ago, but I think these are even more sustainable.
This sign is at the Sikkim border. The sign says " In Sikkim use of plastic bags and littering of plastic waste and materials is an offence". 5000 Rs is about £50. As aliens we had to get a 30 day restricted area permit, which we did in Bagdogra airport, to get through border control.

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