Thursday 27 February 2014

Tool tidy

I am not the neatest of people, I just get stuck into my work and the tools can pile up. The problem with putting edge tools down on the workbench with all the other edge tools is that they can get damaged. We often spend too much time sharpening and getting the tools into perfect condition, and then a nick is found in the edge because it has touched another tool.

The way I deal with this is by spending 2 minutes of my time, and a few pence worth, of usually scrap wood, making a tool tidy.

This set up is the one I use for fan bird carving. Not only does it save the edge of the tool, it is also safer and quicker. I know exactly where each tool is.

I use 2 to 3 different knives for the fan birds, each one works well for a particular task. This system is also a great space saver as well.

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