Friday 1 June 2018

Fan birds

Just back from Stafford county show and I have found another way of making fan birds, not anything radical, just an evolution, and going back to when I first made fanbirds on my shaving horse. I have designed and developed a new big push knife to complement my draw knives. It comes in handy for making the fan birds and not just bowls. It is always fun to find new uses for tools, especially when they work so well.
More on the pushknives in coming posts, they are not listed on the website yet.

Just wanted to share just how many birds can be made from a small discarded end to ash wood that was going to be burnt. Nine so far and probably another 6 at least because of that knot.

I love the fact that we can add value to something that has no real value and that this added value is skill and time.

The big push knife on the left is £85 with a sheath. Email me if you are interested.

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