Sunday, 16 May 2010

Drinking cup, Kuksa made from London plane burr

Drinking cup

I made this a while ago from London plane burr, a lovely wood to work with, and a very small tight grained burr. I do not usually sand these cups preferring the tooled finish, the wood being highly figured, sanding would only enhance it. The inside is left with a tooled finish.

I have Kuksas for sale, just contact me for details or have a look on my web site, which at the time of publishing is the old site, without kuksas on. New site within the next couple of weeks.
These cups are made with a bandsaw, to cut the blank, axes, chisels and knives both straight and hooked. The finished cup is soaked in a pot of melted raw beeswax, and is perfect for any cold drinks including spirits.